Monday, August 25, 2008

No Sweat Today!

It's fitting that my first post on this blog gets written on a day that my kids will not see mom sweat. Nope, looks like today will be a day off for this mama. I'm okay with that because so far it's been a great day, mostly made possible by the fact that I didn't squeeze in my workout.

We're back from a week long trip out west and everyone is still catching up on sleep, so that extra hour of snuggle time made me a much more patient mom than I might have otherwise been. My youngest daughter (2 years old) had a friend over early this morning, then we hit the park until lunchtime. Now my older daughter (6 years old) has a friend over and I'm kickin' ass on the day's chores. Could have called Super Grandpa (a.k.a. the on-call babysitter) for a quick workout, but today is best served with me here, making this house our home again (laundry, dishes, purging of toys).

Might seem odd that I'm praising my choice to not workout on this blog. After all, this is a fit mom blog, right? It's not that crazy... Part of being a fit mom is knowing when to wear running shoes and when to wear sandals. Today is a sandal day. Tomorrow, I will get out there.