Friday, November 21, 2008

Just Like Daddy

This morning, our first grade daughter decided she wanted to bike to school. Normally, we'd be psyched by her initiative. Not today. The outside thermometer read 18 degrees; 10 degrees with the windchill. My husband knew about the cold weather firsthand--he was out the door for a trail run at 6 a.m. So, when Cady asked to ride her bike to school he was certain his sarcastic response would be disregarded: "Check outside. If it's not too cold you can wear a face mask." A few minutes later she came into my room asking me to find her face mask. The image of her riding into school with her backpack, food donation and a birthday present kept me laughing all day. I didn't like the meltdown that followed my telling her she was actually not allowed to bike to school, but I like the way she's thinking. In ten years I'll encourage her to head out. Just like Daddy.