Friday, September 5, 2008

The Taste of Independence

This is what independence looks like when you're in first grade. It's a beautiful sight to me, actually, because it means my husband and I got to spend an extra half hour in bed this morning. Yep, our oldest daughter, Cady, decided that since she's in first grade, it's time to get up and start her day instead of being coaxed back into bed by sleepy parents. And while I admit it's a little sad that she doesn't want that half hour of cuddle time, it's nice to know my little girl is learning what it means to "do her own thing," so to speak. No matter that she destroyed the Oat Squares box... it actually takes up less room in the cupboard when the bag is removed from the box. Perhaps she knew. After all, she is a "grader" now.
Cady thinks having her own desk at school is pretty cool. It's a big step up from the shared tables in kindergarten. She likes having a place of her very own. Like mother like daughter, I guess. That's not to say I have any privacy anymore--motherhood snatched that away long ago. The kids have found their way into my dresser drawers and tried on my bras, they've jumped into bed at the most inopportune times, they've even disrupted that cherished "alone time" we all deserve in the bathroom everyday.

Nope, I don't feel independent because of anything I have. My sense of independence is gained from the only thing I can really call my own... my time spent getting sweaty on runs, bike rides, and other fitness endeavors. I've come to realize that sweat is the one thing I have that is mine. All mine. Mine alone. And when I'm working up that sweat it's just me. No doubt I carry my family and friends along with me, but during the time I spend working out I'm free.

Cady has only been in school for one week now, but I really think she gets it a little better now. Gets me better. Running is to me like that desk is to her... it gives me a sense of independence. And someday when she joins me on my runs, it won't take any of that away. Somehow, it will just add to it.

Here's to my independent little first grader. Way to go, Cady!


  1. I adore that photo of independence.

    and need to remember your PHRASING when it happens around here and not get (yeahIllsayit) irritated.

    roots, wings, & ripped up cereal boxes.

    GO CADY!!


  2. As someone who can appreciate that cereal box too, I salute you Cady! I am currently trying to figure out when I'll find some "independence" today, since I didn't. quite. make. it to spin class this a.m... too busy pouring cereal I guess. Oh soon they will be digging into the cereal boxes themselves!

    And damn Mizfit, you are EVERYWHERE!

  3. Cady is a grader! My goodness. What a little girl!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I don't have any plans for going and nobody is joining me as of yet.....You wanna go? They are taking elite entries til Oct. 1st!