Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back Into the Swing...

It's the last day of winter break. Tomorrow my husband and oldest daughter head back to work and school. After two weeks of family togetherness, I'm gonna miss them. I'll miss having my husband as my partner in crime during the day-- someone with whom to laugh at the lunacies of parenting and smile at our children's tender exchanges. I'll miss my older daughter playing mommy to her sister, snuggling until late in the morning. I'll miss being able to run or hit the gym whenever I want (yes, my husband TOTALLY gets it and never balks at my workouts).

Lots of change over break. Maggie pees on the toilet now. She refuses to wear pull-ups, though, which makes it slightly less convenient than it could be. Still pretty cool, though. She's as proud as can be. Out of her crib, too... as of today. Out of the crib and into a toddler bed. Not too excited about that one, though, which might explain why it's 10:30 p.m. and she's just now fallen asleep. Of course I'm grieving over the crib being taken down-- first time in 7 years there is no crib in this house.

Cady has become a social butterfly. Has really bonded with her good friend Clara and wants to be with her all the time. I thought that wouldn't happen until Middle School at least! Nope, guess we no longer cut the mustard. She also asked about sex today. In the car she asks, "Do you guys have sex?" After composing ourselves (because, yes, for some juvenile reason we found the question absolutely hysterical!), we learned that sex is "when you get naked and show your private parts to each other." Says she figured that one out on Friday when I took her to see "Marly and Me." Guess it's time to go shopping for "the book." Any suggestions?

Tony frostbit his nose on the morning of New Year's Eve. Finished the year with an ultra (50K) at 5 a.m.on Wednesday. It was -3 when he started--not counting the windchill. His nose is just now peeling. He's having a difficult time staying awake at night-- in fact he's asleep at this very moment.

Me? I finally feel well rested. Been sleeping in. Recharging mentally. Fallen madly in love with my girls and husband again. Again and again.


  1. Couldn't ask for a better vacation than that!! Thanks for a lovely, uplifting post!

  2. Poor Tony's nose! But I'm more concerned about the sex question! Is that really right around the corner for me? When you find that book, let me know!!! See ya later!

  3. I heard that Marly & Me should've been rated PG-13! Yikes!

    We have had a difficult week getting back into our schedule. The boys want daddy home and don't want to go to school or swim lessons. Sigh.

    I am so honored to have been present (does facebook chatting count?) when Cady asked you about sex. I felt like I could hear your laughter through the computer. I told Matt the story and he cracked up. Can't wait!