Saturday, July 17, 2010

Plan B

Sometimes everything just clicks. Friend calls and wants to take child #2 when you already have plans for child #1 to be at camp. The resulting 2 hour window of free time is exactly what I needed this week to get in a much-needed trail run at a park not too far from my house. It would take precise timing, however, to get there and back before golf camp was over.

Feeling quite super-mommy like, I jumped into my car (read: minivan) waved goodbye to both kids and hit the road right on time. It would be close, but what better impetus to push my workout a little. Was right on schedule until I hit road construction traffic on my way to the trail. After letting my favorite explicative fly (feels so freeing when the kids aren't around!), I made my move. Quickly, I exited the highway and realized I was right by the Honda dealer... Overdue for an oil change I called to see if they had time to squeeze me in. "If you can be here in 2 minutes we can take you." I could be there in 1. As I dropped the car off, I realized I had no way to pay... Then, another stroke of genius. Perhaps an act of God. I suddenly knew the destination of my run: home. I retrieved my credit card and made my way back to the dealer in just under an hour, even got the guy to apply the on-line coupons for me.

SUCCESS. I'd made it. Somehow, I'm pretty sure executing Plan B brought me more pride than Plan A would have. Just so happened I had a little bit of the one thing all fit mamas need: perseverance. I've co-authored a book that will be in stores in April, 2011. Hot (Sweaty) Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom is filled with different tactics for moms on the move. Nothing better than living according to our values; making it work even when it seems impossible.

Would love to hear any similar stories you have...

Here's to you and your perseverance!

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