Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hidden Agenda

They've figured out how to bring fun and fitness together for kids (check out a story from the Minneapolis Star Tribune here). Groveland Elementary School in Minnetonka, Minn., has a playground that is literally kid-powered. While energy is generated from kids riding a stationary bike, other children use that power to track their progress in a number of games that time their progress running laps or jumping vertically. Seems like the perfect marriage of fun and fitness and it's on my list of places to visit with the kids this weekend. Truth be told, I'm excited to give it a try myself.

While the sporto in me thinks the playground is a great idea because it involves physical fitness, the mama in me thinks it's great that the kids get to do their kid "job" while they get fit. And to me a kid's job is to PLAY.  Makes me wonder if there is a way to get fit while doing my mama tasks, particularly the ones I'm not so fond of (laundry and dishes). Here's my quick list that I'm am going to work on today:

Physio Ball Laundry Folding
Stair Stepping, Speedy Delivery Laundry
Calf Raising Dishwasher Drills
Quad- and Glut-Busting-While-Dusting Squats

Got any other ideas to turn housework into a workout? My guess is, if we slow down and think a little, we'll find a number of great opportunities we never knew existed!


  1. How about scrubbing the floor on hands and knees - works the upper body. Get rid of the Swiffer!! :-)

  2. Sandy- Wondering if my small kitchen is an asset or a liability in this case!