Tuesday, November 9, 2010

See CINDY Sweat: Sick kids don't sideline this mama

Since fall is an easy time to let the ups and downs of motherhood make fitness a low priority, I've decided to use this post to honor a friend of mine who works hard to keep moving. Cindy is the mother of three young children ages 8, 6, and 3; her regular routine was rocked last week when two of her three kids got sick. Here's how she managed to get hot and sweaty through a week of poop and puke.

See Mom Sweat: Your house has been a Petri dish of germs this week. When you weren't scrubbing the vomit off your couch, how did manage to get your workouts in?

Cindy: I wasn't just scrubbing vomit off the couch (and rug!), I was also scheduling doctor appointments, preparing for my substitute teacher, attending an evening work meeting, and picking kids up from school and day care. How did I manage to get my workouts in? How could I make it through my week WITHOUT them? On Monday I ran out the door as soon as my husband got home from work and made it back just in time for family dinner and homework. On Tuesday I got in a quick four mile run on the treadmill after the kids went to bed. (I used to think four miles was not worth getting sweaty over, but I've had a change of heart this week.) Wednesday was another treadmill run during the day when I was home with a sick child. I had to take Thursday off, but ran outside on Friday with my sick three-year-old. Thank goodness for the jogging stroller and our winter guard to keep the elements out. He actually had a GREAT nap in the stroller!  

See Mom Sweat: You were parenting solo this weekend, weren't you? How did you run with no husband and three kids to wrangle?

Cindy: Since Alan was out of town, I ran on the treadmill on Saturday morning. I watched a movie while running and it made seven miles go by super fast. My eight-year-old daughter is a great help while I am on the treadmill by making sure my three-year-old doesn't destroy the house!  

See Mom Sweat: On the day you weren't able to fit fitness into your day, did you feel any sort of resentment or disappointment? 

Cindy: I know I have to put my family first, but I still feel a bit of disappointment when my plans don't go as expected--especially when I know I won't be able to get a workout in the next day. To increase my odds of getting in a run, I plan out the next day, carving out an hour for "me time." I know that I am a much better mom and wife if I can run during the week. If I can't fit the workout in because of something unexpected (or expected), I try to take a few minutes in the evening before bed to lift a few weights and/or do some sit ups and stretches. It gives me a short amount to time to do something good for my body and reflect on my day.

See Mom Sweat: Now that the kids are coming back around and feeling better, have you learned anything that you'll apply to your fitness regimen (mentally or physically)?

Cindy: I hope we are on the tail end of the sickness in our house! Reflecting on the week I can count my blessings: A great treadmill and TV, a jogging stroller with winter guard (and a three-year-old who loves to ride in it), a supportive husband who encourages me to run, and three children who have a mom that knows she is happiest when she gets her workout in. Getting daily exercise can be a juggling act, but it's definitely worth it for me.

Note: As of Sunday Cindy's kids were all on the mend. Last night, on our evening run, I learned two of them are back down...  but she vows to keep moving.

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