Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Act Like Others Are Watching

"I want to do my sun salutations, Mommy."

I grabbed the camera to catch her in motion and here's what followed. Guess I don't need to feel guilty about my nights away at yoga... my kids are reaping the benefits, too!

It's time to brag, folks! How has your fitness rubbed off on your children? Speak up... We can all use a reminder that this is good stuff!


    I love sports! Tennis, basketball, lacrosse ... anything at all. I am so lucky to have two little boys that adore whatever Mom throws at them - literally! tennis balls, softballs, golfballs.We are off and running towards whatever game sounds like fun. I throw side arm,have a killer backhand and can tee it off like my Dad - and I have taught my boys the exciting world of competition-how to be a great sport - how to be a gracious winner and a kind loser. They can move from down dog to push ups to the latest zumba moves and then go out and shoot hoops. Keep them healthy, moving and safe!!
    Have a great night

  2. K-
    Love the image of you doing zumba with your boys! Something tells me they have better dance moves than I do (which, admittedly, doesn't take much). You'll never know how many women you are encouraging to get fit with their kids just by doing what you love. Thanks for setting such a wonderful example!