Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sneaking One In (A Workout, That is...)

Yesterday was my oldest daughter's 7th birthday. As part of our celebration as a family, we headed over to Minnehaha Falls Park in Minneapolis to rent the circus you see to the left. Technically, it's a "specialty bike" called the Deuce Coupe.

Let's just say the Coupe is a far cry from the Madone hanging in my garage. It's heavy, difficult to steer, and the seats have a tendency to slide you right off of the front. Oh, and it should require a WIDE LOAD sign on the back. Maybe some flashing lights, too.

It was a crazy ride, but the girls had a great time singing songs and saying hello to everyone we passed. Yes, I said "passed." We were sweaty and sore by the time we completed the 6+ mile loop across the Lake Street bridge and back via the St. Paul side of the Mississippi. Ten miles per hour isn't fast on a regular bike, I know, but on this thing it was smokin'. We completed the course in under an hour, perhaps record time on the Deuce Coupe. The girls laughed, cheered us up the hills, and screamed in delight down the hills. Tony and I laughed too, mostly at how ridiculous we must have looked but also because it was such a simple pleasure for the whole family.

Looking forward to summer and more crazy outdoor family adventures like this!

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