Thursday, December 2, 2010

Easy Meals are a Big CROCK

I'm not a cook. Too me, making dinner is like organizing one of those races where everyone starts at different intervals in hopes most people will finish around the same time. I just can't ever get it to work out like it is supposed to. I don't like to estimate, substitute or pinch. I'm not sure how to tell if a hard boiled egg is done and I never trust the meat thermometer. College chemistry was easier and much less stressful.

Because of this it's quite easy for me to fall back on the same old meals:  tacos, spaghetti and pizza. (I'm not proud, just honest.) So on Tuesday night when I thought our dinner of spaghetti leftovers was a go, I decided to put together a bench for our entryway before getting our oldest fed and ready for basketball practice. When I was finished, I realized there was no spaghetti. Thank goodness I have a husband who is very creative in the kitchen--he whipped something up in no time at all.

While on my run this morning, I realized something needs to change. If I'm going to have time to do more of the fun things I want to do (like putting together that bench or going for an evening run/walk), I'm gonna have to face my fear ignorance disdain for cooking. Because while I'm not spending hours slaving away in the kitchen, I am spending lots of time and energy worrying about it. Worrying about what meals to plan, worrying that my husband might get resentful of my kitchen anxiety, and worrying that I don't provide the best meals I can for my family.

So, I've decided to put some serious effort into become a great crock pot cook. It just might be a fit mom's most powerful time saving weapon. Throw in a bunch of food and it's off to the races. Everything is done at the same time and it stays heated until YOU'RE ready to eat! I knew this life-changing appliance was great, but forgot about it during the warm summer months. I feel like I've been born again.

I've done the basics... a pot roast and maybe some chili... but I'm ready to step it up a bit. Anyone have any great (easy) recipes that work well in the crock pot? Extra credit if you think my finicky kids will eat it!


  1. I generally stick to pot roast and chili myself. Here's a good blog that has a lot of options though.

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  3. Seriously our favorite meal. We like things a bit on the spicy side, but tone down the chili powder and you've got yourself a super kid friendly meal. I serve it over rice with cole slaw. Yum-0~

  4. Try pulled pork sandwiches with a super easy asian crunch salad. 3lb boneless pork roast with 14 oz can of beef broth. 4 hrs in crockpot. pull out of crockpot and shred with fork. Empty crockpot of beef broth and put shredded pork back in crock pot for 30 more minutes with 18 oz bbq sauce. Serve on buns. YUM! Also, watch a couple episodes of Rachel Ray...she makes cooking easy! Have fun!

  5. Laurie, Have you tried Santa Fe Soup. Check out the recipe on my blog at:
    The kids will love it, and you will too. Just ask Kara and Mark. They like it. Lisbeth

  6. Lisbeth- I made the soup for dinner (this morning!) and it was a hit with everyone-- including the kids. Thanks for the recipe!

    Kris- Tony has made the pulled pork before and it IS fantastic!

    Megan- Another good looking recipe! I love BBQ with cole slaw!