Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Sweaty Sisterhood

A good friend tells it like it is. She'll tell you she liked your hair better long, that you were a little too hard on your kids, and that, yes, you need the breath mint she just offered. Somehow hearing the brutal truth from some friends doesn't sting like it would from others. In fact, it feels good just knowing there is another person with whom you can be 100% yourself.

So I was glad yesterday morning when Cindy, my sister in sweat, got me out of the house and running before I had time to make too many excuses. She was a bit of a hard ass, actually, but I was grateful she called me on my cop out. Without her persistence I would never have made it out the door-- getting ready for Christmas Eve had me busy (and stressed) all day.

The best thing about sisters in sweat isn't just that they can give you a good kick in the rear when you need it, but that they depend on you too. After I thanked Cindy for convincing me to run, she admitted that she needed me too. She knew that without my commitment to meet her at Fat Lorenzo's (the pizza joint half way between our houses), she would never had made it out the door herself.

So I guess this post is really a tribute to all those wonderful girlfriends that have kept me moving over the years, and let me keep them moving, too. Merry Christmas!

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