Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Make the Decision

Kids are notorious for turning the ordinary into something extraordinary.
The past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic. It's not so much the holiday preparations that have me feeling a little under the gun, but a long string of colds, sinus infections, kid activities, and a husband traveling for work. Nothing terrible, but getting everything done has resulted in me becoming a frazzled mama.

And with all this multi-tasking, I've noticed something... when I'm busy juggling too many balls, multi-tasking DOESN'T translate into efficiency--it usually just means something is going to drop. I felt it happening earlier this week... I was so preoccupied with finding time to squeeze in a run that it never did happen. At the end of day two I was left feeling bad about not running AND about how much time I'd wasted just stressing over it.

The answer to this blogger's time crunch!
So, I made the decision to let go of something  before the choice was no longer mine and I unwillingly HAD to let it go. I'm on day four of not running and I'm doing okay. I'm not trying to think about where that sliver of time is--I even kept with my choice when the opportunity to run did present itself.

Of course I have to do something to get sweaty... I need my outlet. So, I've been riding my Spinner bike downstairs. It's not quite the same heart thump I get from a run, but at least it warms me up. 

And I've taken the lead from my daughter; I've discovered another new use for the laundry basket. I've actually been able to do a little work on here (guess where I am now?). Just another good reason to make the choice to pull back when you have to... helps you look at life from a new perspective, see things you may have missed before. Not running this week helped me find what might just be the best desk I've ever owned! Now I am comfortably multi-tasking again... freeing up more time that I can actively enjoy my family!

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