Thursday, November 17, 2011

Book Tour Stops at Bump Life with Guest Post on Mother Guilt Today

Today the Hot (Sweaty) Mamas book tour is making a stop at Bump Life. Bump Life is a one stop shop for lots of great information on pre and postnatal fitness. Megan, the site's founder, has solid information that appeals to the I-like-up-to-date-and-accurate-information part of me. Check out her blog post with spot on answers to these top prenatal fitness questions: 

4 Top Prenatal Fitness Questions
  1.     Can I get my heart rate over 140bpm
  2.     Can I do ab work while I am pregnant?
  3.     I woke up last night on my back, should I be worried?
  4.     My joints feel loosey-goosey, should I avoid working out?
Done making babies? Megan's still got you covered with a great 10 Minute Workout that Really Works for those days when your schedule is tight. And her 10 Steps to Fitness After the Birth of Your Baby provides sound advice on how to successfully and (perhaps more importantly) happily get back at after baby is born. And we all know that Happy Mom = Happy Baby, right?

So, check out Bump Life's review of the book. Later today, I'll be guest posting here on my favorite topic... Mother Guilt. Come join the conversation!

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